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At First State Bank, we are proud to be a "community" bank. We have served the Elmore City community and surrounding areas for over 100 years. Today the bank is still operating on the principles of solidarity and soundness instilled by its founders.

At First State Bank we believe our relationship with our customers is the most important part of banking. One advantage of banking with First State Bank is that deposit and loan decisions are made locally. So whether you are in the bank, on the phone or visiting our web site, you will always find knowledgeable, courteous and professional individuals to help you with all your banking needs. Great service is about more than just competitive products and rates. It's about knowing your name, understanding your needs, and making your banking experience as convenient as possible.


Elmore Trade Day pic

First Sate Bank’s founder was early day merchant, J.P. Gibson. J.P. arrived in Elmore City around the turn of the century. He started a small store in the town in 1894 that also housed the post office. In 1902 he organized a “private bank” in Elmore City originally called the Elmore Bank.

Due to a great demand for a chartered bank in 1903, J.P. Gibson, with a group of citizens, organized the First State Bank. J.P. Gibson served as president. Directors were: Dr. J.K. Lindsay, H. A. Bonified, Dr. C.L. Sullivan, Tom Grant, J.H. Terry and R.D. Grisham. The new bank started with capital of $500.00 and was the recipient of the very first bank charter issued after Oklahoma statehood in 1907.

Old bank photoThe bank has survived fire, droughts, floods, world wars, economic panics, depression and recession without a change in its steady growth. In 1917, explosives were used in an attempted robbery of the First State Bank’s safe. The safe was shattered and a hole was blown in the old stone building. The attempted robbery failed when no cash was found in the safe. The bank employees, warned in advance that the robbery might happen, had moved the cash to a safe place.

First State Bank was built on the pioneer spirit of a growing community and a genuine desire to fully serve the financial needs of the people. A prominent banker in Garvin County once said of the First State Bank “Its foundation is as strong as the rock of Gibraltar.”