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Message from our President

We are pleased to announce that First State Bank in Elmore City, Oklahoma has changed its name to Old Glory Bank, named after the American flag that stands for liberty, freedom, democracy and everything great about America.

As part of changing our name, we also have some new owners. The Christensen family that has owned this great bank for more than a decade will still be owners, but we have many new owners to help grow and better serve you. All employees that worked at the bank remain and we will continue to serve our great community of Elmore City.

Your checks and debit card will continue to work and nothing will change for a while, even though they still have First State Bank on them. Also, please keep using your online banking at Starting in June of 2023, we will send to you a new debit card with the name Old Glory Bank and ask you to switch your online banking to our new robust mobile banking platform that you will love!

If you need to order new checks before June of 2023, please order them the same way you do now. Starting in June, 2023, we will have a new and easy way for you to order checks, which will have the name Old Glory Bank. Your existing checks with First State Bank will continue to work, even past June, so no need to discard any unused checks.

Thank you for being a customer of First State Bank, now known as Old Glory Bank! If we can be of further assistance, please contact us at

Michael P. Ring
President, CEO