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One Card allows you to avoid the delays of check approval and gives you easy access to cash. First State Bank debit card is readily accepted at retailers. The purchase amounts are then automatically deducted from your checking account. It's also an ATM card, giving you 24 hour access to cash whenever and wherever you need it. Because First State Bank is a member of the No-Surcharge program we are providing the benefits of this program to you. Just look for the No-Surcharge (NC) logo at ATMS, and you won't pay a surcharge fee! All this convenience in one little card!

Please keep in mind that when making your travel plans to alert the bank before you go and always bring a secondary form of payment.

If your card is lost or stolen after business hours, please call 1-888-263-3370.


A Cashier's Check represents guaranteed funds and is the much safer equivalent of cash. The Cashier's Check is ideal anytime there is an exchange of ownership interests of property title for the purchaser's payment. Selling a car or boat? Before you hand over the signed and notarized title, make sure you get paid. Payment by cash is fine but not really safe. Payment by Cashier's Check may be a much better alternative.

Cashier's Checks from First State Bank are available to bank customers in exchange for cash or other guaranteed/collected funds.

A word of caution: Cashier's Checks are not subject to a stop payment order and replacement requires a lost instrument affidavit and may require a lost instrument bond from your insurance provider. These items should be treated with special care because they may be difficult to replace.

Our tellers issue these items and a small fee is charged.


For security and convenience we accept Direct Deposit of your Social Security, VA benefits, pension benefits or paychecks! There's no need to rush to the bank to make your deposit or worry about lost or stolen checks. With Direct Deposit, you know your money is safe in your account. We will be happy to instruct you on how to get this set up.


For the safety and convenience of our customers, a 24-hour night depository is located by the front door of the bank. For making larger deposits, visit an account representative to receive keys.


Notary services are provided free of charge to our customers. For your protection, we may require proper I.D. with a photo and signature. All information must be completed on the document being notarized; however, do not sign the document until you are in front of a notary public. If you are unsure about what information is required on a document, please contact legal counsel for advice.


Call the bank, or drop in and let one of our tellers assist you in ordering your personalized checks.


Protect your valuables and important documents from theft, fire, natural disaster, or prying eyes. We have a variety of sizes of safe deposit boxes for your convenience, and your annual rental fee may be auto-debited from your checking or savings account.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) does not cover the contents of safe deposit boxes. A safe deposit box is only a secure storage space provided by the Bank. For box availability, stop in or call us at 580-788-2213.

There is a modest annual fee for Safety Deposit Boxes. Our tellers can help you with this service.


If you have ever lost a check or if you have used a check to purchase a product or service that turned out to be misrepresented or defective, you know the importance of a Stop Payment Order. Call us as soon as you become aware of a problem, give us the necessary information, and we will add the stop payment order to our records.

There is a modest fee for each stop payment order requested. Our tellers can help you with this service.


Electronic funds transfer allows bank customers to transfer funds between financial institutions on the same business day. Wire transfer services are available for First State Bank customers for a nominal fee. There is no dollar amount limit for wire transfers.

Contact us at 580-788-2213 for more information.